Our Story

Welcome to Leisarà—where tradition meets aspiration, where Italian craftsmanship unites with the audacious spirit of the contemporary woman.

We've all had life moments that make us question who we are—career changes, stepping into motherhood, or simply evolving as individuals. At Leisarà, we understand the challenge of feeling placed in a box by societal expectations while nurturing immense dreams and ambitions. 

For many women, handbags can be an extension of their identity. A carefully selected bag can reflect a woman's taste, personality, and aspirations. We've spent five years fostering relationships with luxury handbag manufacturers to create symbols of empowerment, encapsulating your resilience, individuality, and dreams. As you carry a Leisarà handbag, you affirm your aspirations and reinforce your evolving identity.

Our name, Leisarà, encapsulates our ethos. It is a blend of the Italian words "Lei" meaning "she" and "sarà" meaning "will be." We exist not just as a leather accessories brand, but as an affirmation of your future self, a celebration of the women we are becoming.

We honor the rich culture and heritage of Italy while embracing the vitality and ambition of women worldwide. But most importantly, Leisarà is a journey—a journey of dreams turned into reality, of challenges turned into triumphs.

We're a community of dreamers and achievers, women navigating life's transitions while redefining their identities. The original story of a mother of two, who dared to dream beyond her circumstances, embracing a mission to inspire through a fashion accessory.

As you carry your Leisarà handbag, know that you carry a piece of this journey—a symbol of a dream pursued, a testament to the power of believing in oneself. Where every stitch carries a dream, every bag symbolizes a story and every woman finds an echo of her aspirations.

Leisarà—For the woman you are, for the woman you're becoming.

Core Values

At the heart of Leisarà is our commitment is to H.O.P.E.

Honesty Opportunity
Perseverance Empowerment.

Each woman who carries a Leisarà bag becomes a part of this community grounded in these powerful principles.