Our Journey

2017 - While living in Italy with her family, Génesis Warner conceived the idea for Leisarà, driven by her desire to establish a brand that would make a positive impact on women while setting a strong example for her children. Throughout the year, she dedicated her efforts to building the brand's foundation, refining the concept, and envisioning the designs.

2018 - With the brand identity and handbag concepts firmly established, Génesis began work on the Leisarà website. The website served not only as a platform to showcase the handbags but also as a space to share the brand's inspiring story. Simultaneously, she forged a partnership with an Italian manufacturer who brought her visions for the Elena and Mini Elena handbags to life.

2019 - Génesis officially launched Leisarà's online store. Introducing her brand and designs for the first time. By the end of the year Leisarà bags were in a small boutique in Trieste, Italy.

2020 - Overcoming manufacturing challenges, Génesis discovered a family-owned business in Italy that shared her commitment to ethical practices. This partnership allowed her to develop her handbags in alignment with her values. Additionally, she pursued her goal of winning an Independent Handbag Designer Award. Despite an initial rejection the year prior, she persevered and created the Parigi handbag, which secured her nomination at the awards ceremony due to its captivating concept and brand story. That same year Leisarà bags were sold internationally through online retailer Wolf & Badger. 

2021 - Despite the accomplishments of the previous year, Génesis began experiencing burnout. The pressures of comparisons  to established brands overwhelmed her, leading her to make the difficult decision to temporarily close the Leisarà shop with no plans for reopening.

2023 - After nearly two years of reflection, Génesis found renewed inspiration and a strong motivation to serve women through Leisarà and its handbags. With a refreshed brand purpose and a new partner, Cassie Tucker by her side, she decided to relaunch the brand, driven by her desire to foster a community of empowered and uplifted women who would stand together in pursuit of their dreams and passions.

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