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Leisarà in Italy

LEISARÀ has partnered exclusively with GODINA in Trieste, Italy to offer an incredible high-quality shopping experience for those outside of the US. The beautiful city of Trieste is a natural crossroad and boasts historical and cultural exchanges between East and West.  It is situated in the furthest Northeastern point of Italy, on the border with Slovenia and neighboring Austria and Croatia.  Founded in 1948, Godina was the largest single-story store in all of Trieste and the largest clothing store located in the historical center of any Italian city.  It closed in 2014 and re-opened as a smaller boutique currently located on via Carducci, one of Trieste’s main city streets.   We are proud and thankful for the opportunity to expand our...

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Behind Leisarà: The Full Story

Leisarà was born from a young woman’s love for handbags, and style, along with her relentless desire to pursue a lifelong dream. Genesis Warner, a Venezuelan American, is the owner, founder, and designer for the US-based brand.  Without ever knowing where her passion could take her, she believes that the birth of her daughter, Elena, gave her the motivation and the incentive she needed to start discovering the path she is on today. Six years before formally establishing the brand, Genesis made the decision to move to Italy to gain a global perspective of the world, all while supporting her then boyfriend and now husband, as he pursued a career in professional European basketball.  She left the country that welcomed...

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