Behind Leisarà: The Full Story

Leisarà was born from a young woman’s love for handbags, and style, along with her relentless desire to pursue a lifelong dream. Genesis Warner, a Venezuelan American, is the owner, founder, and designer for the US-based brand.  Without ever knowing where her passion could take her, she believes that the birth of her daughter, Elena, gave her the motivation and the incentive she needed to start discovering the path she is on today.

Six years before formally establishing the brand, Genesis made the decision to move to Italy to gain a global perspective of the world, all while supporting her then boyfriend and now husband, as he pursued a career in professional European basketball.  She left the country that welcomed her at age 5, for the love of her life during the midst of completing her college degree. She knew that moving abroad without completing her education had its perils, but before leaving she promised herself and her family that no matter how long it would take or where in the world she would find herself, nothing would stop her from accomplishing her own personal goals.

For the next five years, Genesis did, in fact, gain a global perspective.  She learned to speak a third language, lived in three different counties, met inspiring families and became a mother.  While she learned so much outside of the classroom, her path to completing her formal education, a Business Degree from Temple University’s, Fox School of Business, was far from easy.

With online courses at odd hours of the night due to different time zones, she asserts that there were times where she began to doubt her abilities to manage motherhood, her personal life abroad, and her personal career goals. But after overcoming many challenges and the birth of her second baby, in the summer of 2017, she achieved her goal- she officially became a Temple University Alumna. Génesis was also the first person in her family to earn a college degree. Even though her children were too young to remember her graduation day, Génesis hopes they will someday understand that she always believed the best lessons in life are taught by example, which is something she learned from her own parents.

Like most college graduates, the months leading up to graduation were filled with doubts.  Génesis knew she wanted to be able to apply the skills she gained in and out of the classroom and put them to practice, but was not sure how.  She feared her unconventional path in life would limit her career opportunities. She realized that the only way for her to start her profession was to make one for herself.  She embarked on an ambitious journey that would allow her to pursue a career in something she truly loved and would allow her to continue to celebrate the country that welcomed her with open arms.

"My college degree, the motivation from my children, the incredible support of my husband and the years living in Italy turned out to be the perfect combination to helping me find my passion.  I wanted to do something I loved and with the help of an incredible group of people that I met along the way, for whom I am eternally grateful for, ultimately led to learning how to design my first silhouettes and after two years launch Leisarà.

This brand was born from lots of love. Love for style; love for the Made in Italy label; love for the Italian culture and its people; love for my children who are the fuel I need to keep going when times are difficult.

It represents a woman’s strength, the example I believe we need to give our future generations, and the motivation to follow our dreams beyond any obstacle that could present itself. The bags I design might not have an impact on the world, but hopefully, through the brand’s principles, the women wearing them just might.

My humble message to all women out there who may have taken an unconventional path in life, who experienced doubt or don't know where to start, I want you to know that I've been there.  Never let anyone else determine your future. Everyone’s story is different. Work hard and believe in yourself. Find an amazing support system. Believe in the women around you. If we work together and support each other in our own journeys we can truly achieve amazing things and your personal dreams can become your reality. ”

Génesis currently lives in Trieste, Italy with her husband and two children.  Her biggest ambitions through Leisarà are to someday help provide women from different backgrounds the opportunity to further their education and realize their personal dreams.