the label.

Founder and Creative director Génesis Warner inspires to create beautiful and meaningful pieces that tell a story which women can connect to and feel empowered by. Founded in 2018, LEISARÀ ( Italian for she will be) is woman owned and operated handbag label based in the United States. The label’s transitional designs use a rich balance between feminine style with modern design elements to create timeless, yet contemporary handbags.

Since launching Génesis has been responsible for every aspect of the LEISARÀ process. Alongside the trustful partnership with family owned Italian factories. Who’s history, passion and craftsmanship tell the story of a true Italian made piece that emphasizes the brand’s philosophy based on quality and honesty.

LEISARÀ releases a new bag per year in smaller scale to expand the collection in a sustainable and conscious manner.

 She will be, who she aspires to be.

Génesis Warner is a Venezuelan-American award nominated handbag designer and is a member of the FFC (Female Founder Collective). She handles every part of the Leisarà process, from the creative aspects of design, sourcing materials, photography, marketing, social media to all the label's administrative work and beyond. 

She feels a personal obligation to help those who were not given the same opportunities she was offered. Her purpose through LEISARÀ is to ultimately help her family and victims of the current Venezuelan social & political crisis. 

Génesis currently lives in Trieste, Italy with her husband and two children, Elena & Tiago.