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So, I have some news.  Leisarà’s has a new Instagram account and the feed FINALLY looks how I’ve always wanted it to.

Ok…I know its not earth-shattering news and you’re probably thinking…AGAIN?! Yes, but there’s a reason for it, I promise…

Since Leisarà doesn’t have a physical store, I like to think that the shop’s Instagram account is the store’s digital front window.  Now imagine, someone scrolling through Instagram and they see one of Leisarà’s posts for the first time.  Whether its the photo or the caption, they decide to go to Leisarà’s Instagram account. 

So for sake of my analogy, let's pretend the person scrolling through Instagram is actually someone doing some window shopping down a busy city street. They just so happen to walk by my window and something catches their attention. Maybe its the Elena bag in color Midnight or it might be the pleasing ascetic of the shop that connects to them. 

Interested in what they see, they make the choice to enter the store and for me, that's the moment they hit “follow”. They want to see more.

We all know that Instagram/social media is a powerful tool for businesses and today the followers metric is important.  The more people that “like”, or even better, “follow” the message you are communicating through your content, the more followers you tend to have.  Sounds ridiculous, because followers don’t equal sales, but if you’ve ever gone to check a business’ social media account or website for credibility or legitimacy, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Presentation on digital platforms is important in today’s digital age.

Luckily I’m very happy with Leisara.com, but as for Instagram… for years I’ve been trying to carefully curate an Instagram feed that looks aesthetically pleasing.  Personally, I love following feeds from businesses and lifestyle brands that create a sense of balance through colors, lighting, and content.  Their brand is easily identifiable and everything is perfectly thought out and in order.  I’ve tried countless of times and have failed miserably.  I’ve deleted everything and started over from scratch far too many times all for it to eventually just turn in that messy stockroom that no one wants to go into. 

So, why is this so important to me and Leisarà? Well, for many reasons…

Everyone, literally, everyone I’ve had the opportunity to talk to that has bought the Elena bag tells me the same thing.  “I love how big it is and how much I can fit inside, definitely couldn’t tell from the pictures.”  I know what you’re thinking, how’s having a perfect Instagram feed going to help communicate that message?

Well, the majority of the sales Leisarà has had, almost all have come from word of mouth.  While I  plan on spending more on marketing this coming year, my next big goal is to get my bags into a few small stores/boutiques in the US, even if at first its under consignment.  I just need customers to see the bag in person.  I clearly believe in the quality of my bag, if I didn’t I sure wouldn’t be trying to sell it.  But I can only say so much through a screen.  Being in a store helps brand awareness, gives my brand legitimacy and credit.  So going back to this perfect feed,  Leisarà’s brand isn’t fully identifiable on Instagram.  So chances are buyers, small store owners, bloggers or even everyday online shoppers won’t be interested in Leisarà’s products.

So before you get confused about me starting a new Instagram (again x5), there’s a reason for it, and that reason is called rebranding. I hoping this new strategy will help Leisarà grow.

Inspired by my next bag, the colors, balance, and content for Leisarà will be polished and sophisticated.  The Instagram feed will no longer just be product photo after product photo, sporadic and all over the place.  Thanks to Unsplash, Leisarà can post beautifully curated photos from professional photographers from all around the world with content that identity with the women of Leisarà, along with my own photography. 

To give you an idea of what it will look like, go to @Leisara.MadeInItaly. I’ve already posted 9 photos if you can connect with it, like it, give it a follow and maybe even give the page a share.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride and for all the digital support.

PS @leisara.bts will still be active and I will be sharing everything but just like any behind the scenes… messy.


With love from Italy,

Genesis W.
Founder & Designer

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