My Next Bag.

by Genesis Warner

(FYI: If you're reading this post after reading the Instagram caption, scroll down to bold font to read from where you left off.)

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about my next bag.  From the silhouette to the design elements, the color palette and of course the (dreaded) costs.  But, financially speaking, is Leisarà ready to introduce a new bag?

Well, yes and no…and here’s why.

Since launching Leisarà,  I’ve learned so much and to be honest, a lot of the learning has been thanks in large part to all the errors/mistakes I’ve made along the way. 

You might be thinking “Mistakes? Hmm…details please.”

Well, after looking back and analyzing the past 7 months, one of the biggest mistakes I think I’ve made so far is...

I realized that for Leisarà, it would have been better to have different bag models at various retail prices than 1 bag in two size variants, in many different colors. That's to say a bigger collection.  When you’re dealing with MOQs per color for production, six different colors is A LOT. Pretty, but expensive.

Not to mention, how many times have I heard “I’m not a backpack person”.  As much as it's been proven as the “healthiest” silhouette, backpacks aren’t for everyone.  Or “I love all the colors, but I can’t decide which one to buy.” If I would have had a smaller color palette, and budgeted differently I could have probably included a third design with the initial launch. This could have allowed Leisarà to, maybe, appeal to more people.

But with all that being said, looking back I definitely wasn’t ready to design the third bag.  At the time I was putting all of my energy into sourcing the best materials and searching for the right manufacturer to work with, all while raising a newborn and a 2-year-old.  I’m happy with how far I’ve gotten so far and the support received, but I’m ready to take a step forward.

Today, I want to challenge myself again.  Even though I’m working on a limited budget, I’ve started designing that third bag. 

So far, I’ve incorporated certain design elements and details into a handbag and have started the technical drawing.  

In the meantime, I’ll share each step on Instagram and further in detail here.

Will the bag make it to the prototype/sample phase? YES. Because I want to see my idea come to life. But will it go into production right away?

I don’t know…yet, only time (costs & sales) will tell.


Interested to hear your thoughts: What silhouette do you think I'll be working with next? What should I name this new bag? Cool or warm color palette?

Génesis W.
Founder & Designer