Finding a Silver Lining Through Design

by Genesis Warner

On April 1st, Emily Blumenthal, the founder of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards (IHDA) posted on her Instagram account: 


"Although this is a hard time for everyone, it’s important to focus on the positives to get us through it. We have been gifted with something we never seem to have enough of: TIME! And an amazing way to spend this time is using creative outlets! KEEP DESIGNING"


Her message came at a time where I was doubting whether or not I would present my newest design, even though I did have my final sample in hand.  With the difficulties of living through a pandemic and having to stay home without access to resources that I thought I needed to showcase my bag for the very first time, things didn't look promising.  Luckily, the algorithm was on my side that day and her post landed on my timeline.  Through the government-mandated quarantine, I was able to go through with my final presentation.  This experience turned into an escape from the reality I was living. 

Today is the 30th official day of the COVID-19 lockdown here in Italy, but it's also the day I officially submitted my application to IHDA.  Having a creative outlet through these difficult times has been fundamental.  I know that whatever the outcome of this year's award is, working on this project will always have a greater meaning. 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Creative.  


Leisarà Founder & Designer